Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update: Cash Back Portal News

     Based on my recent purchases,  Mr. Rebates calculates their cash back percentage on the price BEFORE discounts are applied.  So if you have a discount code, that is not taken into account.  This makes the actual cashback percentage even higher than stated. For example, when I purchased the Nook Color on Ebay through Mr. Rebates, the original price was $249. Even though I had a coupon for $50 off, the cash back rebate I received was $7.47, or 3% of the stated price. Since I only paid $199, the actual discount was more like 3.75%.

     Ebates has just announced that their cash back at has increased to 2%.  If you plan on doing any shopping online at the big W, remember to go through Ebates.

What?  You say that you still haven't signed up for these sites? Ebates is giving out $5 cash and Mr. Rewards $7.50 just for signing up. Here are the links:


Mr. Rebates

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