Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pharmacy Discounts for the Rest of Us

     I ran across this website today that offers discount at most major pharmacies for prescription and non-prescription drugs.  If you are uninsured, have a high copay or HSA, are sitting in the donut hole, or simply need prescriptions that your insurance will not cover, then this site is for you.

The company is called Honest Discounts, and it takes 30 seconds to sign up (free) and print out your prescription discount card.  You cannot be turned down, as you don't need to qualify. The savings are real, and their card is honored by Walgreens, Walmart. CVS, Safeway, Kroger/King Soopers and so on. You can check for prices online at your current pharmacy, and see how it stacks up to what you are paying now.

   With prescription drug costs skyrocketing, it is time that the consumer have some help keeping these costs under control.  This may be one of those tools.  And while you are at it, if you aren't paying for the drugs with your HSA card, then I hope that you are paying with a gift card, to score an extra 3-8% off, depending on where your pharmacy is. 

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