Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr. Rebates and Cardpool Team Up

   On Friday, Mr. Rebates, one of my favorite cashback portals, announced that it had added Cardpool to its list of cashback merchants.  Now, by going through Mr. Rebates to access the Cardpool website, you can add an additional 1% cashback in savings to any gift card purchase. I have just changed the url link for Cardpool in my bookmarks toolbar to to insure that I always get this additional 1%.  Not yet signed up at these sites?  Then just click on the links in this post to register.  It takes 2 minutes, and will guarantee that you are maximizing your cash back savings.

Savings Example

For example, today I purchased a Walmart $100 gift card through Cardpool for $97.00.  By going through Mr. Rebates, I received an additional $0.97 back, and by using my cashback credit card, I earned an additional 1% or $0.97.  Net cost to me = $95.06 or approximately 5% savings on everything I buy at Walmart with this card.

1 comment:

  1. I just received my cashback notice from Mr. Rebates, and they credited me 1% on the face value of the gift card, or $1.00, instead of 1% the purchase value, as noted in the article.