Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cash Back Website Portals

If you have ever purchased items on the Internet, then there are several sites that you should definitely know about.  I call these sites "cashback portals" because if you go through these websites to your destination, and then purchase your items(s), the site will give you cash back on your transaction. No additional work needed on your part, and you can get anywhere from 1% to 30% additional cash back on every purchase. The only major site that is not covered by these portals is Amazon, and I will discuss how to get cashback on the Amazon website in a later post.

There are 3 cashback portal sites that I highly recommend.  The 1st site, which has been around for over 10 years, is Ebates.  Registering takes all of 2 minutes, and by using this link, Ebates will offer you a free gift card or $5 credit just for signing up. Just click on their logo.

The 2nd site that I highly recommend is Mr. Rebates. Sometimes, this website offers higher cash back than Ebates.  Again, signing up takes just a couple minutes, and Mr. Rebates will put $7.50 cash in your account just for the effort.  Click on the logo below or link above to get started. 

Mr. Rebates

Finally, there is a relatively new site called Big Crumbs, which can sometimes offer the highest cash back of the 3 sites, but you have to check the fine print to make sure the high cash back applies to the type of purchase you are making.  it can be misleading at times, and for that reason, I rank it 3rd on my list, but it is definitely a site that I use. 

Keeping It Simple

What I do is add a simple bookmark for each site to my bookmarks toolbar in either Firefox and Chrome.  One click and it takes me to the site that I want.
 The $64 question is : How do I know which site gives me the best cash back without having to go to each site?  Well, there is a sweet website called evRewards ( which will tell you which cashback site has the best deals for any merchant that you select.  Just know that things can change dynamically on the Internet, so on any given day, the best cashback site may change.  What I do is to make it a habit of ALWAYS going to evRewards FIRST.  That site can then send you directly to the cashback site of your choosing.  

One site, two clicks, and you are on your way to adding additional cash back for shopping at sites that you already planned to purchase at.  Now that is what I like! Don't forget to add evRewards to your Bookmark Toolbar too!

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